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    The headquarters of Belschner GmbH is located in Bettsville Fort, Baden Wuerttemberg of Germany. With a glorious history of more than 300 years, this modern German family enterprise is well known for manufacturing wood windows and  Wintergarden.
    According to the parish records of Elpersheim Church, as early as in 1666, the Belschner family had been engaged in processing and manufacturing wood doors and windows and furniture. It is one of the founders of the German doors and windows industry association. In 1986, Rudolf became the president of Belschner GmbH and made the company become a decisive and influential modern enterprise in producing wood doors and windows, aluminum-wood composite 
Wintergarden. It joined in drafting and amending the standards for the standards of IV68 and DIN doors and grasses. In 1995, it joined in the German Wintergarden Trade Association, and became a director of the association and awarded prize for its performance. The manufacturer of the top-end German  Wintergarden, joined in amending a great number of new standards for the industry and became the hallmark of German modern doors and windows. In 2013, Mr. Rudolf, the president of Belschner GmbH was cited with a letter signed by Premier Merkel of German.In 2014, Belschner GmbH established a manufacturing technology training base of German Doors and Windows Association. So far, it has trained more than one hundred technicians for German industry of doors and windows.
    After more than 300 years, especially with the unremitting efforts in the past 30 years, German Belschner GmbH has become a modern manufacturing enterprise specializing in manufacturing full ranges of products, such as wooden doors and windows, aluminum-wood, copper-wood composite doors and windows and aluminum-wood composite 
Wintergarden, interior wooden doors, intelligent supporting system of  Wintergarden. It has the brands of “Belschner, Mutiline, and HANS-ROCK” and three ranges of products, respectively named as “Romantic Road”, “Main River”, and “Munich Forest”. Products mainly include ordinary doors and windows, entrance doors, special doors and windows (anti-theft, bulletproof, eavesdropping-proof),  Wintergarden and their accessory products. At present, there are eleven kinds of timber, three-degrees of timber and more than one thousand custom-made products. With its strong design and processing capacity, strict and splendid craftsmanship, its products has got the market share and reputation in most countries and regions in the world. The products of Belschner GmbH are throughout Europe. Moreover, they have been exported to China, Mongolia, the United States, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Kazakhstan and other countries and regions. These products are well known in the industry for their custom-made for high-end customers in the industry.
    All the time, German Belschner GmbH has consistently developed new products and new technologies to provide good quality services for customers all over the world with quality products and reliable solutions.