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Dear customers:
    We are grateful for your choosing HANS-ROCK’s doors, windows and sunlight rooms and other products. In order to ensure that you can correctly use our system of doors and windows and relieve the possible worries distracting you,
HANS-ROCK Company hereby works out the service standards to guarantee the interests of both sides.
I. Contents of service
1. We can send specially-assigned persons to the scene and coordinate with Party A to arrange for customers to move into their houses. If necessary, we can provide on-site consultation and maintenance of doors and windows.
2. When customers move into their houses, we can coordinate with Party A to organize the on-site activities to demonstrate how to use our doors and windows.
3. Within the permitted scope of Party A, our company will establish or sign the agreement on the after-sale service for the doors and windows with the property company.
4. We will contact with the property company timely and actively and give a satisfactory reply within 48 hours to your customers’ inquiry on after-sale service.
5. We have specially-assigned professionals and vehicles. If necessary, we will assign personnel to deal with problem as soon as possible so as to reduce Party A’s pressure in work to the maximum extent and improve the speed and convenience of after-sale service.
II. Service policy
Within the warranty period, our company will provide free maintenance for the products as a result of poor quality and installation in normal use. After the warranty period, our company promises to maintain at the cost of products. We may provide technical support for maintenance for the destroyed doors and windows owing to customers’ abnormal use, accidents or a third Party’s maintenance.
Guarantee items for our products mainly include:
1. The deformation of doors and window guaranteed for 10 years.
2. The cracking of doors and windows guaranteed for 5 years.
3. The air-leakage and failure of the hollow glass of doors and windows guaranteed for 5 years.
4. The hardware of doors and windows guaranteed for 3 years.
5. Weather strips guaranteed for 5 years.
6. Related electronics and accessories guaranteed for 6 years.
HANS-ROCK Company will reserve the right to interpret and amend the clause.